Correct brushing technique for a fresh and healthy mouth

Brushing your teeth regularly is the most effective way of preventing caries, loosening of teeth and bad breath. But even if you are careful about oral hygiene, dental damage may still occur. The reason for this is often incorrect brushing technique.

What is periodontitis and how can you prevent it developing?

Around 40 per cent of Swedes have some degree of the dental disease periodontitis, which can lead to loosening of the teeth.

Oral hygiene: just as important for the elderly

Fifty years ago, it was normal to have gaps in the teeth here and there as people got older. Now it is much more common for people to keep their own teeth for life. But scrupulous oral hygiene is essential.

Healthy mouth = healthy body

A number of studies have demonstrated a link between inflammation and bacteria in the oral cavity and many of our most common diseases.

Tips for a healthy mouth

Bad breath can be a sensitive problem that actually need not be so hard to deal with as long as you have the right equipment and a good oral hygiene routine.

The harmful effects of smoking

Smokers have worse oral health than other people. The harmful effects of tobacco are well documented, and bad breath is often the least of those problems.

Gentle brushing means healthy teeth and a happy mouth!

Take control of your toothbrushing and get a happy mouth!

How to avoid dental diseases

What is actually caries, plaque and tartar and how does it occur? We explain the concepts and how to prevent dental disease.

Replace the brush head often

Our brush heads are soft, to provide gentle cleaning while lightly massaging the gums.

Your teeth’s best friend

Saliva washes the mouth out and acts as natural protection against caries.

Dentle One makes it easy to brush your teeth

With Dentle's toothbrush, you get a mouth care system that easily and carefully takes care of your teeth.

Simple and effective methods for preventing caries

Caries, or tooth decay, are unhealthy and can end up being costly. Here are a few tips on how to avoid tooth decay.

Advice and tips on caring for children’s teeth

Getting your child used to brushing their teeth is an important part of giving them a good foundation for avoiding dental problems in adulthood.

Preventative oral care

Preventative oral care can help you avoid many problems and save you a lot of trips to see the dentist.
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