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Questions and answers

My subscription

What form does my subscription take?

We at Dentle offer a variety of options with regard to our product, Dentle One. The form your subscription takes therefore depends on which of the options you have chosen. For details of precisely what your subscription contains, check your confirmation of order or your start-up invoice. If you have any questions about your subscription, please do not hesitate to call our customer service department.

How do I terminate my subscription?

Our subscription terms and conditions state that you can cancel your subscription at any time. This means that after you have received the number of refill packs you committed to buy when you took out your initial subscription, we will not send you any more. If you choose not to cancel your subscription, however, it will continue as before, with deliveries at the same intervals. 

Is your collection of brush heads starting to get out of hand? Then contact our customer service department, and we’ll help you register to take a break, or perhaps change the frequency of your deliveries. You can also make the changes yourself via My Subscription. My Subscription.

How often will I receive refill packs?

Your refill packs will be delivered to your home every two months. 

We recommend that you replace your toothbrush head every month to ensure the best brushing result. The reason for this is that the bristles are worn down by contact with the enamel on your teeth, and this diminishes their effect over time. You can tell if you are using a sufficiently new brush head because your teeth are clean and free from plaque, you don’t have bad breath, and your gums are a healthy pink colour and don’t bleed when you brush your teeth. 

After you have received the number of refill packs you committed to receive when taking out your original subscription, you can change the delivery frequency. Contact our customer service department, and we’ll help you take the necessary steps. You can also make the changes yourself via  My Subscription.!

Contract and right to withdraw

What does the right to withdraw entail?

We comply with Swedish legislation concerning remote agreements and agreements concluded outside business premises (2005:59). This means that as a consumer, you always have a period of 14 days from the date on which you received the initial delivery to withdraw from the agreement. We will only accept returns if the product has not been used. You are entitled to examine the goods, but they must be returned complete and in unchanged condition, otherwise we will not accept them. If you try to return used goods to us, we will send them back to you. You must also remember to enclose your customer number or social security number with any goods you return to us, as this will help us establish whom they belong to. You are responsible for the cost of returning the goods to us, but you will not be asked to pay the initial invoice you received with your start-up pack. 

Please note that the right to withdraw only applies to your product, and not to the ongoing deliveries covered by your subscription. 

Our return address is: Stockholm. ”Dentle, Box 7782, SE-10396 Stockholm, Sweden".

If you wish to return goods to us, please contact our customer service department on +46 8 509 332 01 to make sure that no more products or invoices are sent to you.

What does a verbal agreement entail?

As no physical agreement is signed in the context of telesales, an audio recording is made of what the seller and consumer have agreed. This recording carries the same validity as a written agreement, and serves as security for both customer and seller. During the recorded consent process, the seller clearly explains the terms and conditions of the agreement, and informs the consumer when the recording commences. 

If you would like to hear the audio recording of your agreement, please contact our customer service department. 

For our complete terms and conditions - click here.

Terms and conditions of the agreement

For our complete terms and conditions - click here.


Our range

We at Dentle sell our products by phone, via the internet, in town, and at markets and in shopping centres. We package our products in solutions designed to match your needs as a consumer. If you have chosen to take out a subscription, you will receive your electric toothbrush at a reduced price or even free of charge

Why have you called me?

If you are wondering why we have chosen to call you, the reason for this is that you have previously participated in a market survey or campaign, or have made a purchase. In almost all market surveys, campaigns and purchases, the terms and conditions state that your personal information may be used for third party purposes such as marketing. For us to have received your mobile phone number, you must have actively agreed to provide this information by accepting the terms and conditions of the agreement. We at Dentle naturally abide by the sector regulations laid down by organisations such as SWEDMA and Kontakta, which are committed to promoting serious business in the sector. 

If you wish to opt out of further contact from Dentle by phone or email, please contact us at and state the name, phone number and email address(es) you wish to block. 

We accept responsibility for all personal data – such as your name, address, email address, phone number, date of birth, etc. – that you provide to us or which we collect during purchases. Dentle is a controller of personal data and handles your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Swedish Personal Data Act.

Invoice questions

How do I pay?

We work with OpusCapita – Kredithanterarna for our invoice processing. This means that as our customer, you should always make your payments to Kredithanterarna. If you have any questions about the due date or similar that specifically have to do with your invoice, please contact the Kredithanterarna customer service department. If your question has to do with your subscription or product, you should contact us at Dentle directly. 

All your deliveries are paid against an invoice, and you have 30 days to pay from the date of issue. 

Kredithanterarnas Customer Service
Tel. +46 10 195 96 70

Bankgiro: 150-4950

I have received a reminder

Reminder invoices are only issued if the due date of an invoice has passed without us receiving payment. It normally takes 1–3 working days for us to register your payment. If you have paid on the same day as the due date, but have still received a reminder – you can simply ignore the reminder.

Product and warranty

Lifetime guarantee

You do know that your Dentle product comes with a lifetime guarantee, right? 

We trust in the quality of our products. That is why we offer everyone who subscribes to the Dentle toothbrush head scheme a lifetime guarantee on their Dentle One. If your Dentle One should stop working at any point during your subscription period – for whatever reason – simply return it to our guarantee centre. We will then send you a new one free of charge. We view this as one aspect of the simplicity which forms part of the Dentle One concept. 

Contact us if you would like to find out more about the benefits of the lifetime guarantee.

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About Dentle

Dentle One is a Swedish designed electric toothbrush that contributes to better dental health and whiter teeth. The name Dentle is a combination of the words Dental and Gentle. Dentle for dental and gentle for the effective and gentle cleaning.

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