Terms and Conditions of Purchase

1. General

You can feel confident in your choice! We comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the manufacture and control of our products so as to assure a high level of quality in the products and services we deliver to you.

2. Prices and subscription

We market subscriptions with and without a commitment. Subscriptions with a commitment continue until terminated after the commitment period has expired. It is important that you replace your toothbrush head every month to achieve the best results, so our subscriptions are designed to ensure you never need find yourself without a toothbrush head. All our products are hygienically packaged and sealed. Our subscription products are delivered directly to your mailbox – no need to queue up at the post office or in a shop.

Please check your confirmation of order or your invoice for details of your current agreement.

Use the enclosed invoice to pay for your orders. A freight fee of EUR 4–5 per consignment is added to the price of the products.

3. Time and mode of delivery

You will normally receive your delivery within 2–3 weeks of the order date. The products are delivered directly to you by a courier or to your mailbox at home (if the parcel is too big, you will receive a note in your mailbox and can then collect the package from your nearest delivery point).

We always have all items in stock so as to ensure fast delivery. If, against all expectations, we are unable to deliver within the agreed time, we will immediately inform you of the reason for the delay and set a new delivery time. In such cases, you are entitled to terminate the purchase of the entire subscription without charge.

4. Terms of payment

To pay for our campaign offers, use the invoice you receive with your consignment. Your order number is stated in the confirmation of order sent to you by email. The terms of payment depend on what you purchased, and vary between 20 and 30 days. We would therefore ask you to check the due date on each consignment carefully.

5. Charges

A shipping charge will always be added in the amount of EUR 4–5, depending on the type of postage chosen.

6. Right to withdraw

Pursuant to EU legislation concerning remote agreements and agreements concluded outside business premises, you, as a customer, have the right to withdraw from the subscription agreement you entered into within 14 days of the date on which the goods were delivered and you received information about your right to withdraw. The right to withdraw does not apply to refill consignments under the subscription. If you, as a customer, wish to exercise your right to withdraw and return the starter pack, please contact our Customer Service department by phone or email. We will only accept returns if the product has not been used. You are entitled to examine the goods, but they must be returned complete and in unchanged condition, otherwise we will not accept them. If you try to return used goods to us, we will send them back to you. You must also remember to enclose your customer number with any goods you return to us, as this will help us establish whom they belong to. You are responsible for the cost of the return shipping.

7. Returns or non-collection of consignment

Non-payment for one or more product consignments is not considered termination of the agreement. If you return the product, or if you fail to collect the product, this does not exempt you from your obligation to pay for it. If you would like us to re-send a returned item, we will charge you a return handling fee of EUR 10.

8. Warranty and complaints

The right to complain applies to goods that are defective pursuant to the prevailing consumer protection legislation. Customers who wish to claim defects in goods ordered should contact us as soon as possible after discovering said defects, using the contact details listed under “Contact us” below. Complaints submitted within two months of the date on which you discovered the defect will always be considered to have been submitted in time. Customers have a 3-year right to complain.

We always want you, as our customer, to be satisfied. When goods subject to a complaint have been returned and the complaint has been upheld, we will naturally send you a new product free of charge. We will also reimburse you for the cost of the return shipping. We will do our utmost to complete the process within 30 days of having received the complaint. We reserve the right to reject a complaint if it transpires that the item is not defective pursuant to applicable consumer protection legislation.

9. Non-delivery

If you have not received your goods in time, contact our Customer Service department and we will help you to arrange a new delivery.

10. Privacy policy

SLP maintains a high level of protection for your privacy and your right to control your personal data. Our guiding principles are simple: we are open about which data we collect and why. The present privacy policy describes which data we collect, for what purpose we collect them, the ways in which you can control your information, and how to contact us. The present privacy policy applies when you use SLP’s products. We primarily process your personal data in order to fulfil our obligations to you. Fundamentally, we do not process more personal data than necessary for the purpose, and we strive always to use the least privacy-sensitive information. We also need your personal data in order to provide you with good service – with regard to marketing, follow-up work and information, for example. In addition, we need your personal data in order to fulfil legal obligations and to perform customer and market analyses.

You have the right to oppose our use of your personal data for direct marketing. The first time we collect personal data about you, we provide you with more information about the procedure and inform you how you can state your contact preferences. Under the present terms and conditions, SLP is responsible for ensuring that your data are processed in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Which personal data do we process?
First and foremost, we collect information directly from you, our customer. Examples of such information include name, phone number, email address and physical address. We also update your information on the basis of other public registers so as to ensure good register management. When we receive new orders, we run an analysis in consultation with our invoicing partner. The purpose of this analysis is to make sure that both parties have the correct conditions to fulfil the agreement.

When do we collect your personal data?
• At the time of purchase – via our website, for example, or by phone or coupon.
• If you contact us by email, phone, our website or social media.
When you update your contact details on “My subscription” at dentle.com/customer-service

Why do we process your personal data?
We principally process your data for the purposes listed below, and for any other purposes explained at the time the data are collected:
a) In order to complete orders for services via one of the channels offered by SLP; for example, to send you invoices, prizes, information about our range and other payment options;
b) To allow us to provide good customer service, such as dealing with your enquiries, correcting incorrect information, or sending information you have requested;
c) In order to carry out market surveys;
d) For system administration and to compile statistical data about the behaviour and utilisation patterns of our users. The data we collect here are aggregated, which means they cannot be used to identify individual people;
e) To enable us to use analysis of behaviour patterns on our websites to develop, deliver and improve our products and services;
f) We also use personal data in analyses to perform segmentation which forms the basis for offers and discounts, and for both general and targeted marketing;
g) In order to send you information and marketing via SMS, email and other digital contact channels – such as social media – where you have an active customer relationship with us;
h) To contact you by phone, SMS, email or conventional mail regarding other offers, campaigns or services we believe may be of interest to you. Please note that you can decline this marketing at any time;
i) In order to give you relevant recommendations, offers and adapted services based on what other users with similar behaviour patterns have shown an interest in, the service(s) you have chosen, and what you have looked at and shown interest in;
j) In order to help us develop our website and to improve your user experience;
k) To send important messages and to notify you of changes in our terms and policies.

Information that may be disclosed
We may share information with other companies that process data on our behalf, in order for us to be able to perform our services. Examples of such services include analysis and distribution or other services required to allow us to maintain and apply our user conditions and delivery terms. Such processing of personal data is always subject to a high level of security and confidentiality. In such cases, SLP is the Data Controller, and you can contact us at any time for additional information.
SLP follows the rules set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In the event that SLP would disclose information to other companies or partners – this means that your personal data is processed in a country that is not part of the EU / EEA and is not included in the EU Commission’s list of countries that the EU Commission considers to be regulated. with a sufficiently high level of protection with regard to the processing of personal data – SLP guarantees that such company or partner undertakes to comply with the rules set out in the Data Protection Regulation or in any case apply an adequate level of protection in the processing of your personal data.

SLP works with a number of selected partners to whom we may transfer the personal data we have registered about you. In the same way as SLP, our partners sell goods and services. We believe that you may be interested in receiving offers from these companies. Our partners may therefore contact you for the purposes of marketing. For additional information about our partners, contact our Customer Service department.

Legal basis, storing and sorting personal data
On supplying information to SLP, you simultaneously consent to SLP registering and storing information about which service you purchased from us, as well as processing the stated personal data for stated purposes. As a legal basis for this processing, SLP refers to fulfilment of agreement, legal obligation, legitimate interest or consent.

If SLP applies “legitimate interest” as its legal basis, this will only be done for the purposes stated above in the section entitled “Why do we process your personal data?”
Please note that when we use “consent” as the legal basis, you can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us directly. For contact details see the section entitled “Contact us” below.
Processing is always performed pursuant to applicable legislation, which means that we never store personal data for longer than is necessary with regard to the purpose of the processing. SLP will store your personal data for as long as you are our customer. If you cancel your subscription, we may continue to use your data for the purposes of marketing for up to three years.
In practice, this means that the data will be sorted and removed when they are no longer relevant or necessary to analyses or direct marketing for the purposes for which they were collected. Some information may be stored for longer where this is required on account of other legal requirements, such as the provisions of the Swedish Bookkeeping Act. All such processing of personal data is always subject to a high level of security and confidentiality.

Your rights and options
You have a set of rights regarding your personal data, and you can also influence both your information and what is stored. SLP may, at its own or the customer’s initiative, correct information that has been found to be incorrect. You may also contact us at any time (see the contact details below) to request that we delete your information or restrict its use.

You are always welcome to contact our Customer Service department for assistance in declining communication from us.

Once a year, you may also – free of charge – receive information about which personal data are registered by requesting what is known as a “register extract” from SLP.

Links to other websites
In the event that our website contains links to third-party websites, web pages or material published by a third party, such links are presented exclusively for the purpose of information. As SLP has no control over the content of these websites or this material, we accept no liability whatsoever for said content. Nor can SLP be held liable for damages or losses which may arise from use of these links.

11. Transfer of agreement

SLP is entitled to transfer its rights and obligations under the present agreement to another party, on condition that the acquiring party can be expected to fulfil all SLP’s undertakings pursuant to the present agreement. Should SLP transfer its rights and obligations to another party, the acquiring party shall replace SLP as a party to the present agreement. The acquiring party will, in turn, be entitled to transfer its rights and obligations under the present agreement. In the event that rights and obligations under the present agreement are transferred to another party, this will not entail any costs for you as a customer during your current subscription period.

12. Age limit

You must be at least 18 years of age to do business with us.

13. Dispute resolution

In the unlikely event of a dispute arising, we ask you to write us a letter or an email describing the incident. Make sure to specify your name, address, phone number and order number, as well as the reasons for your complaint.

14. Termination

You can terminate your subscription at any time by phone, email or otherwise in writing. If you have a subscription with a fixed binding period, termination will apply as from the expiry date of this period. If you have an ongoing subscription with no binding period, you need to make sure notice of termination reaches us 10 days before the next delivery is due under your subscription.

Non-payment is not considered notice of termination. Returning a parcel does not exempt you from your obligation to pay, see Section 7 above.

15. Offers and Campaigns

SLP continuously runs campaigns regarding different products in its range. The special offers may take different forms on different occasions, but a distinguishing feature of the campaigns is that they give customers the chance to try our products free or charge or at a substantial discount in relation to the ordinary price. These special offers and campaigns are limited to one per household. SLP reserves the right to cancel orders without notice if there is suspicion of misuse. If an advantageous campaign offer is utilised more than once per household, SLP reserves the right to debit the customer the full price as from and including the second order.

16. Force Majeure

SLP cannot be held liable for the consequences of failing to fulfil certain obligations under the present agreement, if said failure is attributable to liberating circumstances as set out below, and if said circumstance prevents, complicates or delays fulfilment. “Liberating circumstances” include but are not limited to acts or omissions by the authorities, newly adopted or amended legislation, labour market conflicts, blockade, fire, flood, sabotage, large-scale accidents, and comparable circumstances over which the company was unable to exert any control. Force Majeure also encompasses decisions by the authorities that have a negative effect on markets or products, such as restrictions in indication, warning texts, sales prohibitions, abnormal decline in the market, and so on.

17. Messages and information about changes

In the absence of any statement to the contrary in our terms and conditions of contract, information from SLP to you, our customer, shall be communicated by letter or email, or enclosed with the consignment. As a customer, you can access general information about our products through other types of material, such as leaflets, brochures, flyers, newsletters and emails.

18. Cookies

When you visit our website, certain information may be stored on your device. This information is stored in the form of a “cookie” or similar file. Cookies are small text files transferred from a website to your device’s hard drive or browser – which may then subsequently store the cookie on your hard drive. This allows us to provide you with better service.

Using the information in a cookie, we can measure activity on the website and adapt the information so that it matches your wishes. The objective is to save you time and to help you make the most of your visit. As the information shows how and when users utilise our website, we can improve it on an ongoing basis. We only use cookies to see the information that has been placed on your hard drive by a cookie from www.gracewellness.se. We do not use cookies to collect personal information such as a person’s name or email address.

Google Analytics
This website uses Google Analytics, a web-analysis service provided by Google Inc. (hereinafter called “Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies that are forwarded to and saved by Google on servers in the United States. Google uses the information for the purposes of evaluating the use of the website, compiling reports of activities on the website for the owner of the website, and providing other services in connection with activities on the website and use of the internet. Google may also transfer this information to a third party if obliged to by law, or in the event that a third-party processes information at Google’s expense. Google will not link your IP address to other data in Google’s possession.

You can choose not to allow the use of cookies by adjusting your browser settings, but please be aware that this may result in your being unable to make full use of the website functionality. By using this website, you consent to Google processing your personal data in the ways and for the purposes described above.

19. Contact us

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the products, your orders or other issues concerning SLP.

We will respond to enquiries concerning purchases or orders via email on weekdays within 48 hours of having received the enquiry.

If you phone us, your call will be recorded for your peace of mind and to allow us to continue training our staff on an ongoing basis so as to improve our way of working.

Customer service:

E-mail: customerservice@dentle.com
Tel: +46 (0)8-509 332 09
Postal Address: Scandinavian Personal Care, PO Box 45410, SE-104 31 Stockholm

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