The story behind Dentle One

Dentle One was born of questioning the technology-fixated design of standard electric toothbrushes. Our objective was to create something different. An effective brush that cleans gently – and which also looks magnificent. A toothbrush made with the emphasis on style and simplicity; a brush that isn’t overburdened with weird and wonderful functions, but which unites neat design and reliable function at an attractive price. 

Dentle One is designed in Sweden, comes with a unique charging cup, and features an ergonomic, triangular handle made of comfortable, grip-friendly material.

The design of the handle and the choice of material result in a brush that sits neatly in the hand, stands securely in the charging cup, and rests solidly on its side when you place it on your bathroom sink. Another benefit of the design is that it minimises vibrations in the brush itself, so it makes less noise. All in all, this is a solution that is unique, attractive and functional in equal measure. We hope you enjoy your Dentle One. 

The name ‘Dentle’ comes from combining the words ‘Dental’ and ‘Gentle’. Dental for oral health and Gentle for the soft yet effective cleaning.

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