Our journey—from 2008, all the way to your door
Just over ten years ago, we thought it would be possible to make an electric toothbrush that is easier and more comfortable to use, more intelligently designed, gentler on your teeth—and much more beautiful to look at.
Dentle One became our first electric toothbrush. It had unique design solutions, such as the iconic charging cup and triangular handle, and quickly became popular. Since then, the travel toothbrush, Dentle Zip, has also seen the light, and in 2020, we launched the upgraded Dentle One Plus—as beautiful as its predecessor, but with even sharper technology inside.

Born in Sweden—with a global perspective
Dentle's electric toothbrushes are products of Swedish engineering and industrial design. They breathe the purity of timeless style and form that has made Scandinavian design famous around the world. To this, we have since added world-class battery technology. The result is a first-class electric toothbrush that has sold hundreds of thousands of units, and which we are now introducing in country after country.

Tough but kind—about Dentle Gentle Tech™
From the start, Dentle has made electric toothbrushes that are tough on plaque, but kind to your teeth and gums—yes, actually kind to your whole being. The handles of the electric toothbrushes are made of materials developed to minimize noise and vibration. The handles have a soft triangular shape that, together with the low weight of the hand units, makes these electric toothbrushes easy to grip, use, and put away. Together with effective and gentle cleaning of your teeth, these are the qualities we have gathered in our concept of Dentle Gentle Tech™.

A complete dental care system—delivered to your door
Each journey begins with a step, or in Dentle's case, with an electric toothbrush. Since then, we have moved forward with building new products, such as our specially-developed toothbrush heads for different needs, the smart travel toothbrush, “Dentle Zip,” the combined dental floss bracket and the space brush, “Dentle Flosh,” and “Clean & Shield,” our own toothpaste developed especially for our electric toothbrushes.
Together, they now form a complete dental care system, from which you can choose the parts you need and have them delivered to your door at the pace that suits you, via Dentle's convenient subscription service. We think that in this way, we make it easier for you to build and maintain habits that make your teeth feel good.

Lifetime guarantee
Dentle has always had a broad definition of usability. Dentle's products are efficient and easy to use. They are delivered right to your door, but Dentle's commitment has never stopped there. From the beginning, we have completely trusted the quality of the products we manufacture, and therefore soon began to offer all customers who subscribed to Dentle's toothbrush heads a lifetime guarantee on our electric toothbrushes. We still do that. If your Dentle electric toothbrush stops working during your subscription—for any reason—we will replace it with a new unit at no extra cost, while we take care of the old unit, ensuring that it is recycled in an eco-friendly manner. That's the Dentle version of user-friendliness!

The journey continues
We continue to develop Dentle's dental care system with the combination of design, ingenuity and focus on user-friendliness that has brought us to where we are now. Delivered with a lifetime guarantee—right to your door. Dentle's journey has just begun, and we look forward to its continuation.

Do you want to become a retailer of Dentle´s products?

Scandinavian Personal Care AB (SPC) supplies dental care products in Europe via a network of premium retailers.
Become a retailer of unique Swedish-designed products. Contact us at: retailer@dentle.com or +46 (0)8-509 332 09.

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