Step 1: Buy with or without a subscription

Subscribe for refill packs and take Dentle One home for 9 €
or buy the toothbrush with no obligations for 89 €.

Step 2: Choose the colour

Dentle One is available in black, pink, white, mauve and blue.
Pick the style that matches your bathroom, or simply choose your favourite colour.

Step 3: Replace the brush head as required

Adapt the toothbrush to match your individual needs.
Choose between three different types of brush head.

Step 4: Choose frequency

You can change the frequency of your refill deliveries after the initial binding period has expired.
Choose the option that matches your oral care routines.

The initial subscription period includes six refill packs, with one delivered every two months. You can then change the frequency of the deliveries if you wish.

Step 5: Delivered to your home

Taking out a subscription is the simple, convenient way to have fresh, new toothbrush heads delivered to your home.
An invoice is sent with each refill pack, spreading the cost over the entire subscription period.

Step 6: Lifetime guarantee

One of the biggest benefits of taking out a subscription is that it
comes with a lifetime guarantee on your Dentle product.

We trust in the quality of our products. That is why we offer everyone who subscribes to the Dentle toothbrush head scheme a lifetime guarantee on their Dentle One. If your Dentle One should stop working at any point during your subscription period – for whatever reason – simply return it to our guarantee centre. We will then send you a new one free of charge. We view this as one aspect of the simplicity which forms part of the Dentle One concept.

About Dentle

Dentle One is a Swedish designed electric toothbrush that contributes to better dental health and whiter teeth. The name Dentle is a combination of the words Dental and Gentle. Dentle for dental and gentle for the effective and gentle cleaning.

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