Step 1: Choose with or without a subscription

Subscribe with a commitment to buy 6 packages with refill brushes and get Dentle One Plus for 20 €,
or buy the electric toothbrush without subscription for 149 €.

Dentle One Plus with purchase commitment
Electric toothbrush 20 €
6 refill brushes (2-pack) 22 € + delivery

Dentle One Plus without commitment
Electric Toothbrush 149 €
You can start a subscription on refill brushes without commitment whenever you want.

Step 2: Choose your colour

Dentle One Plus is available in black, blue and pink.
Pick the style that matches your bathroom, or simply choose your favourite colour.

Step 3: Complete with refill brushes

Adapt the toothbrush to match your individual needs.
Choose between four different types of brush heads.

Dentle Universal

Standard Brush Head for your
Dentle One Plus electric toothbrushes.

Dentle Sensitive

Extra soft bristles that contribute
to even gentler brushing.

Dentle Whitening

Remove discolorations
to make your teeth whiter.

Dentle PerioCare

It is developed to reduce the risk of
periodontitis (tooth loss).

Dentle Prosthesis

Clean twice as efficiently – false and
natural teeth alike.

Dentle OrthoCare

For you with braces. Carefully clean
both teeth and braces.

Dentle OrthoCare Kids

Developed for children with braces.
It cleans both teeth and braces gently.

Dentle Implants

Developed for you with dental implants
and gently cleans both teeth and implants.

Step 4: Choose more dental care products

Dentle dental care systems contribute to good oral health.
Complete your Dentle One Plus with more great products.

Benefits with subscription

Easy delivery

With your subscription, you can easily and conveniently get new fresh brush heads home in your mailbox.

Customize refill according to your needs

The subscription includes 6 refill packages that are delivered every two months. If you wish, you can then change intervals.

Dentle lifetime guarantee

One of the main benefits of an active subscription is that you get a lifetime guarantee on your Dentle product.

Faithful customer offers

As a loyal Dentle customer, you receive discounts and offers on Dentle products and on our other brands.

Dentle – gentle brilliance from Sweden

Dentle makes effective electric toothbrushes that are easier to use, cleverly designed, gentler on your teeth, and more beautiful to look at. We combine Scandinavian design thinking and world-class battery technology with what we call “Gentle Dentle Tech”—design to minimize weight, vibration, and sound, while it cleans gently and is user-friendly. To make things even easier, we at Dentle have created a subscription service for refill brush heads, and also offer all subscribers a lifetime guarantee on our electric toothbrushes.


The Swedish Dental Association recommends the use of an electric toothbrush.

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