Dentle Zip refill brush


Refill brush for Dentle Zip electric toothbrush that gently cleans all parts of the teeth and the areas behind and between the teeth.
Each refill package includes 2 brush heads that fit the Dentle Zip electric toothbrush.



Dentle Zip’s standard brush head has two sets of bristles. Both sets are long, flexible and soft with end rounded bristles for a gentle and comfortable polishing effect.

The brush head feature indicator bristles that fade to help remind you when to replace your brush head. Long bristles on the brush head makes them more flexible for a gentle toothbrushing against the gums, while effectively cleaning the teeth and contributes to whitening teeth.

We recommend changing the brush head every month to maintain optimal effect. Each refill pack includes 2 brush heads that fit the Dentle Zip electrical toothbrush.

Technical info

Weight 15 g

2 brush heads in each refill package


15 g


Wear-indicating 7 mm and 6 mm bristles.

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