Dentle Zip, Carbon black


Dentle Zip is an efficient electric toothbrush with smart properties that make it a handy travel accessory.

  • Protective cover that also serves to extend the handle
  • Vibrates 23,000 times a minute
  • Easy to take with you everywhere: weighs only 41 g with the cover and battery
  • Easy and handy: 22 mm wide and 222 mm long with the protective cover
  • Alkaline battery with a service life of up to three months if you brush your teeth for two minutes at a time, twice a day.

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Dentle Zip is a Swedish Design electric toothbrush that is so small it’s perfect to take with you on your travels. The smart cover provides protection for the brush head when you’re out and about. And once you have arrived, the cover extends the handle so you can clean your teeth in exactly the same way as with a conventional, full-length toothbrush. The cover even has a practical cord you can use to hang the brush up.

Dentle Zip is simple, effective and provides gentle care for your teeth. It is powered by a single AAA battery that lasts for up to three months if you brush your teeth for two minutes at a time, twice a day. So there is no need to worry about adapters and power outlets during your trip. You have a brush that will stay charged, even during long journeys. Put simply, your dependable travel companion.

For trips where there are no power outlets
The replaceable alkaline AAA battery lasts for up to three months if you brush your teeth for two minutes at a time, twice a day.

Small, and fully up to the task
The protective cover also serves to extend the handle. This makes it simple for you to reach and clean all the surfaces of your teeth. Just like a normal, full-length toothbrush.

Works for all the family
The ergonomically designed handle is easy to grip, and the size of the brush head make Zip an excellent choice for all the family.

Technical info


Vibrate 23 000 times per minute


40.5 g (with cover and battery)


Small and easy to take with on your travel (width 22 mm, length 222 mm, with cover)


1 x 1.5V AAA size alkaline battery


Vi litar på att våra produkters kvalitet. Därför ger vi dig som prenumererar på Dentles tandborsthuvuden livstidsgaranti på din Dentle Zip. Skulle din Dentle Zip någon gång under din prenumerations livslängd sluta fungera, oavsett orsak, så returnerar du den helt enkelt till vårt garanticenter. Vi skickar ut en ny till dig, helt utan extra kostnad. Vi ser det som en sida av den enkelhet som är en del av tanken med Dentle Zip.

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