Dentle Flosh subscription

Dental floss or interdental brush? Dentle Flosh is both:

  • Dental floss pick – easier to use than regular floss
  • Pull out the handle and you have a practical interdental brush
  • Durable thread and bristles to be used repeatedly
  • Each bag contains 20 pcs Dentle Flosh

If you subscribe to refill packages with toothbrush heads, your Dentle Flosh will be shipped out together with them at no extra shipping cost. Each shipment contains 1 pack of Dentle Flosh.


Dentle Flosh is not a dental floss or a interdental brush – it is both! The floss pick is easier to use than regular floss and the interdental brush is perfect for you with bridge structures, implants or braces.

Do you also think it is difficult to clean effectively with regular dental floss? Are you tired of messy toilet cabinets? Dentle Flosh is a solution to both problems. Dentle Flosh is our latest example of innovative dental care products. Easier than regular dental floss to fit into narrow gaps between teeth and one less thing in the toilet cabinet.

Dental floss pick – easier than regular floss
Flosh has a grip-friendly handle that easily bends. The thread has durability beyond the ordinary to be able to be used repeatedly. At the same time it glides gently and thin enough to pass tight gaps. Dental floss picks are simple and hygienic alternatives to regular floss and Dentle Flosh is no exception. The difference with Flosh is instead hidden in the handle.

Interdental brush – an ace in the handle
Pull out Dentle Flosh handle and you will have a handy interdental brush ready for use. The fine bristles reach all the critical areas between the teeth and even fit into very narrow gaps.
Everyone should use interdental brush regularly to clean between the teeth, where the toothbrush does not reach. It is also a good alternative for you with bridge constructions, implants and braces.

With Dentle Flosh you always have a interdental brush available. It has high quality straws that clean gently. When you are done, rinse it and then push it back into place. Ready for next time, freshly kept.

Technical info

Weight 20 g

20 pcs per package


20 g


Children under the age of 10 should use Flosh under adult supervision.


Vi litar på att våra produkters kvalitet. Därför ger vi dig som prenumererar på Dentles tandborsthuvuden livstidsgaranti på din Dentle Zip. Skulle din Dentle Zip någon gång under din prenumerations livslängd sluta fungera, oavsett orsak, så returnerar du den helt enkelt till vårt garanticenter. Vi skickar ut en ny till dig, helt utan extra kostnad. Vi ser det som en sida av den enkelhet som är en del av tanken med Dentle Zip.


The order includes a subscription that you can pause or cancel at any time. There is no commitment or commitment time.

You pay the same low price, 6€ (regular price 7€) throughout the subscription period. Are you a subscriber to refill packages with toothbrush heads, your Dentle Flosh will be shipped together with them at no extra cost. Each shipment contains 1 pack of Dentle Flosh. For non subscribers on brush heads a shipping cost of 4€ will be added to the order.

Dentle Lifetime Guarantee

We trust the quality of our products. That is why we are offering lifetime guarantee for the Dentle One and Dentle Zip to anyone who subscribes to Dentle’s toothbrush heads. Read more about our guarantee on the Customer service page.

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