Just like its predecessor, Dentle One Plus cleans your teeth as efficiently and gently as possible. It removes plaque without unnecessary wear on enamel and gums, but Dentle One's gentle manner has more sides to it than that.

The handle is made of material designed to minimize noise and vibration. Its rounded, triangular shape and low weight make it easy to grip and use. All of them together are features we have gathered in the concept of Dentle Gentle Tech™.

Dentle One Plus introduces lithium-ion performance, but at a price previously only possible with nickel-cadmium batteries.

This means that one charge lasts longer than days and weeks – it lasts a whole month if you brush your teeth two minutes, twice a day.

Dentle One Plus is both very easy to use and versatile enough to fit your needs, whether you are a beginner or experienced user. Choose from three different speed modes with the on/off button, from gentle 7,000 up to advanced 10,000 oscillations per minute.

The brush vibrates after 30, 60 and 90 seconds, so you know when it's time to brush in a new place, and automatically turns off after two minutes – the recommended time for toothbrushing.

Dentle One Plus Properties

Dentle Gentle Tech™

Gentle and efficient cleaning. Choice of materials that reduces both sound and vibrations.

Battery life of world class with lithium-ion technology

The new lithium-ion battery makes one charge lasts an entire month if you brush your teeth twice a day.

Low, medium or super high speed

Choose the speed that suits your needs: 7,000, 8,500 or 10,000 oscillations per minute.

Timer function for optimal tooth brushing time

Dentle One Plus vibrates after 30, 60 and 90 seconds, so you know when it's time to brush in a new place.

Gentle and efficient cleaning
adapted for you

When you brush your teeth with Dentle One, you will notice how gentle it is. The soft brush heads clean your teeth properly at depth, but without irritating the gums. The material in the handle suppresses vibration and sound, and the triangular shape is good both in your hand and on the edge of the sink. You can customize the brush with five different toothbrush heads to fit your specific needs.

Dentle One Plus lithium-ion battery. One charge lasts one month.

Lithium-ion technology has revolutionized the battery field. The discovery is awarded with the Nobel Prize, and recently lithium-ion batteries were installed at the International Space Station ISS. When we now do the same with the new Dentle One Plus, we have chosen a lithium-ion battery with top performance. One charge lasts up to a full month even when you brush two minites, twice a day.

Simple features make toothbrushing
a pure pleasure

Dentle One Plus is easy to use. The brush vibrates after 30, 60 and 90 seconds, so you know when it's time to brush in a new place, and turns off automatically after two minutes. Furthermore, it is versatile enough to suit your specific needs. Choose from three different speed modes with the on / off button, from gentle 7,000 to advanced 10,000 oscillations per minute.

Dentle Lifetime guarantee. An extra protection for you as a subscriber

We trust in the quality of our products. That is why we offer everyone who subscribes to the Dentle toothbrush head scheme a lifetime guarantee on their Dentle electric toothbrush. Should your Dentle One electric toothbrush stop working at any point during your subscription period – for whatever reason – simply return it to our customer service centre, who will not ask any questions. We will then send you a new one free of charge. We view this as one aspect of the Dentle simplicity.

Designed in Sweden with a focus on stylish design of all parts

Dentle One was born out of questioning the technology-fixed design of electric toothbrushes. We wanted to create an alternative. An effective brush that cleans gently and at the same time looks beautiful. A toothbrush made with focus on the stylish design of all parts, which offers good design and reliable function at a good price. With Dentle One Plus, we take the next step. Gentle as always, with maintained simplicity and beauty – but now also with performance at the forefront.

Dentle One benefits that our customers love

I recommend Dentle One!

I have been working as a Private Dentist in Stockholm for more than 20 years. I meet both children and adult patients, and I know how important it is to clean your teeth in a simple and gentle way. At my clinic, we are glad to recommend Dentle One Plus. The round brush head makes it easier to get to brush far behind in the mouth and on the inside of the teeth where many do not get clean when they brush manually. Some electric toothbrushes spin very fast but Dentle One Plus just rotates just right to give a gentle yet effective cleaning of enamel and gums. It has a long battery life and a very affordable price. Then it does not matter that it is good looking too!

Karin Olebratt

I can feel the difference

Dentle One offers a range of benefits compared to other electric toothbrushes I’ve tried. Another brand I used previously felt “plastic” and hard to hold, while Dentle is light and easy to grip as it sits comfortably in my hand. What’s more, I thought the other brand brushed too hard and too rapidly, so it gave me a tickling sensation in my fingers. Brushing with Dentle is much gentler, and I love that there are three brushing settings so I can also massage my gums.

I follow Dentle’s recommendation to replace the brush head regularly, and I really notice the difference. A fresh, new brush head “gets to work better” and it’s much more hygienic. 

Yulia Bergqvist

It is actually the best I’ve ever had

I couldn’t be more satisfied with my Dentle electric toothbrush! It’s the best I’ve ever had. I can feel in my teeth that the brush reaches every little gap. And the fact that it’s so quiet is a real plus. It’s so practical that I have new brush heads delivered at regular intervals because this means that I don’t have to think about how long it’s been since I replaced my toothbrush.  

Helene Serrebo

Breaking the chains!

I found out about Dentle One from my boyfriend, who accepted one of your offers. As I suffer from arthritis in my wrists, even brushing my teeth is a real strain. Using an electric toothbrush really felt like breaking the chains for me! I’m so grateful that I finally discovered this “helping hand”. And my teeth feel so wonderfully clean; it’s like I’ve just been to see my dentist – every day!  

Maria Adolfsson

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