Dentle One – your mouth’s best friend

Effective and gentle brushing means clean teeth and a happy mouth!

With Dentle One, you can be sure of effective yet gentle cleaning for your teeth and gums. Dentle One features a variety of functions designed to support your daily tooth-brushing routine.

The electric Dentle One toothbrush is of the highest quality and has been designed to achieve optimal cleaning effect on all surfaces of all your teeth – including the hard-to-reach areas between and behind them.

Our brush heads are soft to provide gentle cleaning for your teeth, combined with careful massage for your gums. The bristles on the brush head are cut diagonally to ensure the best possible brushing result.

Dentle One is a Swedish Design electric toothbrush that combines performance and reliability with functional and stylish design of each and every part.

Other distinguishing features of Dentle One include its light weight and low noise level, which helps maintain a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. Moreover, a fully charged electric toothbrush has enough current to last for 14 days, brushing twice a day for two minutes at a time.

For the best possible result – i.e. healthier teeth and gums – don’t forget to replace your toothbrush head once a month.

Swedish design and quality; Dentle One – so chic you’ll want to leave it out on display 

From the very start, our goal was to create a toothbrush which recognises that appearance plays a key role in the total experience. As a result, Dentle One combines performance and reliability with functional and stylish design of each and every part. We are convinced that this approach helped us make a toothbrush that people will be keen to use, thus contributing to healthier teeth and gums, while also serving as an ornament to your home.

Dentle One Properties

Makes brushing teeth pure pleasure


With 8,000 oscillations per minute, Dentle One efficiently loosens plaque in hard-to-reach places, leaving your teeth visibly whiter.

Timer function

The timer function automatically switches off the toothbrush after two minutes and notifies you at 30, 60 and 90 seconds that it is time to brush in a new place.


Our brush heads are soft to provide gentle cleaning on all surfaces of your teeth, combined with careful massage for your gums.

Three speeds

Three different speed settings means personalized tooth-brushing. High speed for efficient polishing, low speed for extra gentle, and massage for massaging your gums.

Gentle cleaning making dental hygiene simple

When you brush your teeth with Dentle One, you will immediately notice how gentle it is. The soft toothbrush heads clean your teeth properly and in depth, but they do so gently to avoid irritating your gums. The ergonomically designed handle in grip-friendly silicone add to the comfort when you are doing your daily brush routine.

Dentle One benefits that our customers love

I recommend Dentle One!

I have been working as a Private Dentist in Stockholm for more than 20 years. I meet both children and adult patients and I know how important it is to clean their teeth in one simple and gentle way. The round brush head makes it easier to get to brush far behind in the mouth and on the inside of the teeth where many do not get clean when they brush manually. Some electric toothbrushes spin very fast but Dentle One just rotates just right to give a gentle yet effective cleaning of enamel and gums. It has a long battery life and a very affordable price. Then it does not matter that it is good looking too!

Karin Olebratt

I can feel the difference

Dentle One offers a range of benefits compared to other electric toothbrushes I’ve tried. Another brand I used previously felt “plastic” and hard to hold, while Dentle is light and easy to grip as it sits comfortably in my hand. What’s more, I thought the other brand brushed too hard and too rapidly, so it gave me a tickling sensation in my fingers. Brushing with Dentle is much gentler, and I love that there are three brushing settings so I can also massage my gums. 

I follow Dentle’s recommendation to replace the brush head regularly, and I really notice the difference. A fresh, new brush head “gets to work better” and it’s much more hygienic.

Yulia Bergqvist

The best I’ve ever had

I couldn’t be more satisfied with my Dentle electric toothbrush! It’s actually the best I’ve ever had. I can feel in my teeth that the brush reaches every little gap. And the fact that it’s so quiet is a real plus. It’s so practical that I have new brush heads delivered at regular intervals, because this means that I don’t have to think about how long it’s been since I replaced my toothbrush head. 

Helene Serrebo

Breaking the chains!

I found out about Dentle One from my boyfriend, who accepted one of your offers. As I suffer from arthritis in my wrists, even brushing my teeth is a real strain. Using an electric toothbrush really felt like breaking the chains for me! I’m so grateful that I finally discovered this “helping hand”. And my teeth feel so wonderfully clean, it’s like I’ve just been to see my dentist – every day! 

Maria Adolfsson

About Dentle

Dentle One is a Swedish designed electric toothbrush that contributes to better dental health and whiter teeth. The name Dentle is a combination of the words Dental and Gentle. Dentle for dental and gentle for the effective and gentle cleaning.

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