Dentle One Sensitive refill brushes


Sensitive is the refill brush for you with sensitive teeth and gums.
Each refill package includes 2 pcs of brush heads, compatible with Dentle One and Dentle One Plus.



Sensitive has extra soft bristles for even more comfortable brushing. Sensitive has a combination of bristles with different lengths so that they can more easily penetrate between your teeth and clean the places where bacteria hide. At the same time, Sensitive is gentle on both teeth and gums. The density of the bristles allows for meticulous and efficient cleaning, which leads to a healthier gums and naturally whiter teeth.

The brush head is also provided with wear-indicating bristles that fade to let you know when it’s time to change your brush head.

We recommend changing the brush head every month to achieve the best result. This is beacuse the brush head tear against the enamel on your teeth and produces a poorer effect over time.

Each refill pack includes 2 brush heads that fit the Dentle One and Dentle One Plus.

Technical info


2 pcs of brush heads per refill package


17 g


Composition of dense bristles of different lengths for gentle and soft cleaning.

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