Dentle One Whitening refill brushes


Whitening is the brush head designed for gently removing discoloration and give you a whiter smile.



Whitening is the brush head that we have developed for gently removing discolorations so that the teeth become whiter. Whitening has specially developed spiral bristles which increase friction against the teeth and significantly improve the cleaning ability of the bristles. Dentle Whitening also has an elastic crown in the center of the brush head, which retains the toothpaste and, together with the spiral brush bristles, improves its effect — The result: naturally whiter teeth, but also a healthier gum.

We recommend changing the brush head every month to achieve the best result. This is beacuse the brush head bristles tear against the enamel on your teeth and produces a poorer effect over time.

Each refill pack includes 2 pcs of brush heads that fit the Dentle One and Dentle One Plus.

Technical info

Weight 15 g

2 pcs of brush heads per refill package


17 g


Specially developed for increased friction. Elastic crown improves the effect of the toothpaste.

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