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Dentle One is a swedish designed electrical toothbrush. It has low noice level, modest weight and a practical grip that makes it extra convenient to brush your teeth with.

With the newest version of Dentle One you will always get the most effective and gentle cleaning of your teeth.


Gentle toothbrushing gives you healthy teeth and a happy mouth!

You will get an effective and gentle cleaning of your teeth and gums with Dentle One. Dentle One comes with mulple functions in order to make your daily toothbrushing easy.

Dentle One is of the highest quality and has been developed to reach the highest cleaning effect of all the teeth of the teeth, both between and behind the teeth. Our brush heads are soft to give a gentle toothbrush while gently massaging the gums. The bristles on the brushhead is cut diagonally to give the best result possible in the cleaning process.

Dentle One also stands out for the modest weight and low noise level that contribute to a pleasant moment in the bathroom. In addition, the toothbrush lasts up to 14 days during two minute brushing, twice a day. To achieve the best results, and thus healthier teeth and gums, remember to replace your brush head every month.

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