Dentle One, Carbon black


Dentle One is a gentle, effective electric toothbrush with easy-to-use functions. It has low noice level, modest weight and a practical grip.

  • Long battery life
  • 3 different speeds
  • Automatic timer


Dentle One is the Swedish Design electric toothbrush that stands out through its no-frills design combined with gentle, quiet and effective cleaning of your teeth.

It is charged using a unique charging cup and features an ergonomic triangular handle made of grip-friendly, sound-insulating material so the toothbrush sits snugly in your hand or rests stably when you put it down.

Dentle One has easy-to-use functions that make it simple for you to protect both teeth and gums. For example, it has a timer that lets you know when to move on to a new area of your mouth, and a gentle massage function to care for your gums.

Effective and gentle
Three speeds: high (8,000 oscillations), low (7,000 oscillations) and massage (6,000–8,000 oscillations per minute) for effective and gentle cleaning of every surface of every tooth.

Simple brushing
The timer function automatically switches off the toothbrush after two minutes and notifies you at 30, 60 and 90 seconds that it is time to brush in a new place – making dental hygiene simple.

Brush without interruption
A fully charged battery lasts at least a week for two minutes’ brushing, twice a day. The on/off button lights red when the battery is running down, lights green when it is fully charged, and flashes when the battery is charging.
Lifetime guarantee when you subscribe to brush heads

Click here to download the Dentle One Quick Guide as PDF

Technical info


8,000 times per minute


High (8,000 oscillations), low (7,000 oscillations), massage (6,000–8,000 oscillations).


Automatic switch off after two minutes


After 30, 60 and 90 seconds


2 x 3/5 AA 600mAh NiMH batteries


Width 30 mm, length 222 mm


230 g (electric toothbrush and charger)



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