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On this page you can administrate your Dentle subscription, manage the frequency of your refill pack deliveries, or even take a break for a while.
You can also “Bring in a friend” and share in the advantages this entails.
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Change frequency of my refill pack deliveries

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Refill kalender

Bring in a friend

When you bring in a friend, you can choose between two extra-special offers – at no extra cost! Simply fill in the information and choose the product you would like.

Contact details for your friend *

The friend you bring in gets Dentle One for just 9 € (normally 89 €) when he/she simultaneously subscribes for six refills, 19 € per package.

My free offer:

Dentle One *
Bring in a friend and get a Dentle One, valued 89 € kr. Choose between 4 colors.

Dentle ZIP
Bring in a friend and get Dentle ZIP, valued 29 €. Choose between 4 colors.

* The condition to get the product is that you must have an active subscription.

People that recruits shall not have a or have previously had a Dentle subscription. You will receive the product when your friend has paid her first shipment.
People that recruits gets a Dentle One for 9 € (normally 89 €) and agrees to receive a total of six refill packages with brush heads for 19 € per package + shipping cost 4 €.

Thank you!

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